What is Fleet Management Software

Trucks, vehicles and heavy machinery keep Australia moving. The only challenge is keeping those vehicles on the road.

Large companies have developed lots of ways of managing their fleets, but nothing is as effective as dedicated fleet management software. For companies that operate large numbers of assets, fleet management software simplifies the process of looking after your vehicles.

But software isn’t the end of the story. Your software needs to be paired with skilled managers, drivers and mechanics to get the best performance from your fleet.

In this article, we’ll discuss fleet management software in more detail, and see how it’s used to improve profits and management maintenance requirements.

Defining Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software (FMS) is a type of software that tracks the location, condition and performance of vehicles, equipment and other assets. This ensures vehicles are serviced on time, are being used where and when they’re supposed to be, and that drivers are operating safely.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. It offers a huge range of benefits to fleet managers, including:

  1. Reduced Costs

The most obvious benefit of fleet management software is that it saves money. It significantly reduces the manual labour involved with managing a fleet, improves vehicle performance, reduces maintenance costs and helps to manage the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

  1. Increased Vehicle Lifespan

Maintaining the vehicles in large fleets is a challenge. Each vehicle needs scheduled servicing, but they also need inspections, one-off repairs and replacement parts. Fleet management software can keep track of the maintenance requirements for every vehicle in the fleet. This data can then be provided to a third party fleet maintenance provider, ensuring vehicles are always safe and serviced on time.

  1. Improved Safety Standards

Your fleet management solution can track vehicles and drivers wherever they are. Tracking driver behaviour grants insight into unsafe practices, such as speeding, driving while tired and driving vehicles where maintenance is overdue.

  1. Comprehensive Analytics

Fleet management software collects powerful data about each of your vehicles. This data can be presented in easy-to-read reports that help you stay on top of your vehicles. This ensures you always have the information you need to make decisions.

  1. Optimised Vehicle Usage

Advanced FMS solutions use machine learning to optimise the way vehicles are used. In trucking, this often looks like optimising travel routes, loading and backloading, and driver management. The advantage is that a single piece of software can consider dozens of factors (including traffic, vehicle condition, driver tiredness and deadlines) at once. This creates huge opportunities to save money and improve the efficiency of your fleet.

Using FMS to Manage Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance is one of the biggest challenges that comes with fleet management.

Vehicles and mechanical assets that are designed for commercial use can be expensive. But equipment that features heavy duty diesel engines can run for millions of kilometres with the right maintenance.

But, when you’re responsible for dozens or hundreds of assets, keeping on top of maintenance is a problem.

The biggest benefit of your FMS is that it streamlines the process of vehicle maintenance and repairs. That’s not a small task for large fleets!

Maintaining your vehicles isn’t as simple as booking a mechanic. Service appointments require you to take vehicles off the road. That downtime costs money, especially if you have to send a vehicle away to a third-party service centre. And scheduling servicing gets even more complicated when you consider that you can’t service every vehicle at once.

Fleet management software can be configured to resolve this issue. Your FMS can create a service schedule that minimises downtime and ensures you always have operational vehicles on-hand. And, if you work with a mobile diesel mechanic, you can reduce downtime to its lowest possible levels!

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