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Investing in regular Mobile Diesel Service for your vehicles and machinery is the best way to maximise uptime and reduce maintenance costs. With a fleet of fully equipped mobile diesel service trucks, KS Diesel offers truck breakdown service and provides diesel equipment throughout Caboolture.

Mobile Diesel Servicing for All Trucks & Vehicles

The KS Mobile Diesel Service team is available throughout Caboolture and the Brisbane region. We offer a comprehensive mobile diesel service that can take care of everything from regular maintenance to major repairs. Our mobile diesel service is available to individual operators and large fleets alike. Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet of earthmoving equipment, KS Mobile Diesel has you covered.

Our mobile diesel service performed by qualified diesel mobile mechanics is designed to look after all types of vehicles and machinery. Our diesel repairs Brisbane wide can service all makes and models of diesel machinery, including:

  • Trucks and trailers
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • 4x4's
  • Buses
  • Generators
  • Boats
  • Agricultural equipment

Our diesel technicians have a diverse range of skills, and we always come prepared for a comprehensive range of inspection, servicing and repair work.

Caboolture’s Mobile Diesel Service Experts

When you need your vehicles and equipment to work reliably, our mobile diesel service ensures your machines are always in top condition and can you provide you with ongoing mobile roadworthy vehicle inspections. With a team of skilled diesel mechanics and a fleet of fully equipped service trucks, we can extend the life of your machinery and engines.

The KS Diesel team offers a broad range of mobile diesel services, including implementing regular maintenance schedules. Following your manufacturer’s servicing intervals protects your machinery, extends its lifespan, reduces your expenses and keeps your equipment running perfectly. When servicing machinery, KS Diesel uses genuine parts and OEM-specified oils, allowing you to maintain your warranty. When the pressure is on, you can rely on our mobile diesel service to optimise your machines and keep your vehicles on the road.

Flexible Truck Servicing and Vehicle Servicing

Don’t wait around to book vehicle servicing! Our fleet of 5 mobile diesel service trucks allows our team to come to you and commence truck servicing fast. The additional flexibility of mobile diesel servicing means we’re available when and where you need us. To ensure your vehicles and equipment are always in top condition, our team will work with your business to meet servicing schedules. 

Wherever you’re located in South East Queensland, our mobile diesel service fleet can come to your location. As part of our service, we’re also happy to offer roadworthy and HVRAS inspections. Simply talk to us about what you need and our certified diesel mechanics can visit your site to perform full assessments, repairs, regular maintenance, air conditioning repairs and any inspection work you need. Contact the KS Diesel team and let us take care of all your mobile diesel service needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I service my truck?

You should always follow your manufacturer’s service intervals to maintain your warranty and prolong the lifespan of your truck’s engine. As a general rule of thumb, most diesel trucks need to be serviced every 10,000km or six months, whichever comes first. The service intervals specified by your manufacturer depend on the make, model and year of the truck. If you’re unsure what your manufacturer requires, contact our mobile diesel service technicians for advice.

What is done during truck servicing?

Truck servicing is very similar to what you would expect for a petrol engine. Common service items include changing the engine oil and filter, air filter change, greasing components, checking brakes and an all-over inspection. At KS Diesel these are all handled as part of our mobile diesel service. We’ll work with you to deliver truck servicing that meets OEM requirements and keep your equipment in top condition.

How often do diesels need oil changes?

Due to differences in design and application, oil change intervals vary widely for diesel engines. For the most accurate oil change schedule you should refer to the owner manual. KS Mobile Diesel always recommends working to manufacturer specifications and using approved oils to prolong the life of your diesel engine.

What are the benefits of a mobile diesel service?

Mobile diesel service is the most flexible way to extend the lifespan of your vehicle, reduce your long-term maintenance costs and improve the reliability of engines. A mobile diesel service can come to you wherever you are, making it the perfect solution for fleet managers who need to maximise equipment uptime.

What type of vehicle servicing do you provide?

KS Mobile Diesel service is available to provide vehicle servicing for a wide range of 4x4s, trucks and light commercial vehicles. We specialise in heavy duty diesel servicing, and our mobile diesel service team comes equipped to handle a comprehensive range of maintenance and repairs.



Thank you Kel and Melissa sincerely, for the wonderful service and the expert workmanship and care the boys take every time they work on our trucks. Kel and Melissa Stanton are an honest, hard working family business who understand people and service and will do whatever is necessary to deal with any issue to have your vehicle up and running with as much care as possible to enable you to have your vehicle back on the road with as least possible downtime to your work hours. They are absolutely fantastic and so are their mechanics.

Christine Bannan

Bannan Transport Pty Ltd


Thank you for the beaut job you did on our F1445. It has never run or sounded so good. We are very happy with the work carried out!

Joseph & Rosemary


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