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The KS Mobile Diesel team provides Mobile Roadworthy Vehicle Inspections and Safety Certificates across Caboolture and Brisbane. Our approved Diesel Mobile Mechanics can come to you and carry out onsite roadworthy inspections, Certificates of Inspection, HVRAS Certificates, heavy vehicle inspections, Safety Certificates and more!

Mobile Roadworthy Vehicle Inspections at Your Convenience

KS Mobile Diesel operates a fleet of fully equipped trucks that can travel to your location and provide mobile roadworthy vehicle inspections, including truck roadworthy Brisbane wide services. As approved examiners, we’re accredited by the QLD Department of Transport to perform roadworthy inspections and issue Safety Certificates, HVRAS Certificates and Certificates of Inspection (COI). Our customers love working with us for the convenience of our Mobile Diesel Services, including our Fleet Maintenance Services and inspections like:

  • Car safety certificates
  • Small trailer safety certificates
  • Truck COI's
  • Trailer COI's
  • Defect signoffs
  • HVRAS measure ups

We’re available throughout Caboolture, Brisbane and South East QLD. Our heavy vehicle inspection Brisbane team provides mobile vehicle inspections and truck roadworthy Brisbane services that minimise downtime and cost. Simply make a HVRAS inspection Brisbane wide appointment and we’ll come to meet you so that there are no travel or driver expenses involved!

Mobile Roadworthy Inspections that Make Compliance Easy

We’re a Queensland Department of Transport approved inspection station. That means our examiners and fleet of mobile vehicles can come to you and provide mobile roadworthy vehicle inspections of all types! We provide truck roadworthy Brisbane wide and mobile vehicle inspections for passenger cars, 4WDs, commercial vehicles, light trailers and heavy trailers. Whatever vehicles you’re operating, our mobile vehicle inspections can set you up with the certificates you need.

When you work with us, our qualified diesel technicians are happy to provide a full range of repairs and Diesel Pre Purchase Inspection services. As part of our mobile roadworthy inspections, we’ll keep an eye out for any defects that need to be looked at. Whatever our heavy vehicle inspection team who specialise in roadworthy inspections find, we’re equipped to carry out maintenance, general repairs or compliance repairs on the spot. Combining our mobile vehicle inspections and diesel repairs means we can get you back on the road sooner to avoid getting stranded and relying on a truck breakdown service!

Truck COIs

Truck Certificate of Inspections, or COIs, are required every year and are intended to ensure the compliance and safety of heavy-duty vehicles. According to the Department Main Roads & Transport, this certificate attests that a truck or other heavy vehicle has been inspected and meets the relevant safety requirements. 

A heavy vehicle COI typically includes a comprehensive examination of various components including:

  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Steering
  • Suspensions
  • Exhaust Systems
Trailer Certificate of Inspection (COI) Caboolture & Brisbane

Trailer COIs

A Trailer COI, ensures that the trailer meets all necessary safety standards. This is standard for heavy trailers used for commercial purposes or transporting heavy loads.

It also means that the trailer has had regular inspections and maintenance to ensure its continued safety on the road. Obtaining a Trailer COI is a legal requirement in Queensland.

Do I Need Mobile Roadworthy Vehicle Inspections? 

There are many circumstances where you will need mobile roadworthy inspections or a Diesel Repair Service. No matter the situation, the KS Mobile Diesel team is happy to perform roadworthy inspections, coming to your location and inspecting vehicles, trailers, trucks and other diesel equipment. You’ll need to book mobile roadworthy vehicle inspections if you are:

Selling Your Vehicle

In Queensland you’re required to obtain a current Safety Certificate or COI when selling a registered vehicle.

Registration Expiration

If your vehicle registration lapses, you'll need a Safety Certificate or COI to re-register it with the Queensland Department of Transport.

Interstation Registration Transfer

Following an interstate vehicle sale, you’ll need to transfer the registration to a Queensland address. A vehicle that hasn’t previously been registered in Queensland requires a HVRAS certificate after undergoing a HVRAS inspection Brisbane service or Safety Certificate.

HVRAS Measure-Ups

HVRAS measure-ups assess the dimensions, weight and identification markers on trailers and heavy vehicles to ensure they comply with QLD’s road rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are mobile vehicle inspections?

Mobile vehicle inspections are an onsite service that can provide roadworthy inspections and safety certificates at your location. There’s no need to book your vehicle into a mechanic’s workshop, a mobile inspector can visit you and perform the roadworthy inspection on the spot!

What is checked during roadworthy inspections in Queensland?

Roadworthy inspections are carried out on light vehicles, motorbikes, and light trailers. The mobile vehicle inspections checklist covers a range of parts throughout the vehicle including wheels and tyres, lights, brakes and the engine. The Department of Transport website provides a full list of everything that is checked during roadworthy inspections.

What is a certificate of inspection?

While smaller vehicles and cars require a roadworthy certificate, heavy vehicles must obtain a Certificate of Inspection (COI). Vehicles that require a COI include trucks, buses, heavy trailers and heavy vehicles. If you own a vehicle that requires a COI then you must always have a valid certificate. COIs expire every 12 months and can typically be renewed by a mobile vehicle inspection service. More information regarding vehicles that require a COI, exemptions and renewal schedules can be found on the QLD Department of Transport website.

Can you drive an unregistered car to get roadworthy inspections in Queensland?

Yes, the QLD Department of Transport permits you to drive an unregistered vehicle for the purpose of getting roadworthy inspections prior to registration. Detailed information regarding mobile vehicle inspections can be found on the QLD Department of Transport website.


Can you sell your car without roadworthy inspection in Queensland?

If you are selling a registered vehicle in Queensland then you are legally required to get a roadworthy certificate to show that the vehicle is not defective. You don’t need a roadworthy inspection if you are selling a vehicle without registration. If you are purchasing a vehicle from out of Queensland, you will need a roadworthy certificate to register the vehicle locally.


What is a HVRAS Measure-Up?

A HVRAS Measure-Up is carried out on vehicles with a gross vehicle mass greater than 4.5 tonnes and trailers with an aggregate mass greater than 750kg. A HVRAS Measure-Up checks the dimensions, weight and identification tags attached to your vehicle or trailer to ensure they comply with Queensland legislation. For more information regarding the scheme, head to the QLD Department of Transport website or call our friendly heavy vehicle inspection Brisbane team.

Mobile Roadworthy Vehicle Inspections for Passenger Vehicles

KS Mobile Diesel is a Department of Transport approved examiner. That means we’re equipped to provide mobile roadworthy vehicle inspections for all types of passenger vehicles and light trailers. We travel all over Caboolture, Brisbane and South East QLD. If you’re selling a car, buying a car or simply looking to meet registration requirements, our mobile roadworthy vehicle inspections can get you on the road sooner!

Our qualified diesel mechanics have worked on thousands of vehicles over the past decade. We’ve seen it all, so we know exactly where to look when it comes to pre-purchase mobile vehicle inspections. Our team can look over any vehicle or trailer you’re thinking about buying to check for mechanical faults that may pose a risk. If we do find an issue, our mobile diesel mechanics are happy to help. Get in touch to book mobile roadworthy vehicle inspections and the team will be there as soon as possible!


Mobile Vehicle Inspections for Trucks and Heavy Vehicles

Most types of trucks, commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles are required to hold a current COI in Queensland. Our mobile vehicle inspections are available throughout South East QLD, and we can provide a range of mobile truck roadworthy inspection services to suit most classes of vehicle. The KS Diesel team offers Certificates of Inspection (COI), HVRAS Measure-Ups, Defect sign offs and COIs for all types of vehicles and trailers.

We work with individuals, drivers and businesses alike. Whether you need mobile vehicle inspections for one truck or an entire fleet, we can visit you onsite and provide the services you need. Mobile vehicle inspections are a convenient way to meet compliance and insurance requirements without impacting uptime. We can come to you across South East QLD, and our team can provide mobile vehicle inspections and HVRAS certificates that keep your business moving. Talk to us today to make a truck roadworthy Brisbane appointment or to find out more about mobile vehicle inspections for fleets.


What happens if I fail my inspection?

When a vehicle fails an inspection, there are normally defects or problems that will need to be resolved before re-inspection. For re-inspection, it’s important to book a diesel truck mechanic to inspect the vehicle, identify mechanical problems, and provide necessary diesel repairs for defect writeoffs. Failing an inspection doesn’t mean that the truck or trailer cannot be repaired. 



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